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Bella Homes NG is an indiginous company regstered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to carry out the business of Hospitality and Real Estate Consultancy Services.



Holidays are periods that people look forward to. The pressures of work and life often necessitates this activity as it then becomes a way of rejuvenating. Rejuvenating not just our bodies, but our minds, often times our souls too. It therefore becomes very important to carefully choose the kind of experience one would like to have during the holiday.


National Museum Benin City

Visit the Archives and Chests of Nigeria's Art Collectibles First you'd meet a curator, then you'd become a curator The Historical Treasure lurking within those walls called the National Museum and National Theatre will not only satisfy your apetite for impressive artistry, it would improve your knowlege of National and International History. From the convenience of your home-away-from-home, A ride from Bella Homes Shortlet Apartment Hotel would take no more than 27mins, regardless of traffic, to put you a pleasurable view park location.


Why Short-lets Are Preferable To Hotels

Do you cherish your privacy?. Do you want to stay away from public spaces with their attendant noise and visual pollution, security expoure?. Then you should be looking for...