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Honeymoon and events at BellaHomesNG

Love is in the air, families and friends are happy that couples are getting married. It is all celebration time. Historically, marriage is one of the most joyous moments. Families are united. Friends come together to have a nice time and merriment fills the days.

Typically, in Nigeria, marriage is very colorful. From bridal shower where the bride receives gifts, to traditional marriage that is usually gathering of as little as 20 person to excess of 200 persons, to church wedding and the honeymoon. Across activities, there is the critical need of accommodation and an ambient environment.

Historically, marriage is one of the most joyous moments. Families are united. Friends come together to have a nice time and merriment fills the days.

Often times, people find it challenging to find these two opportunities – suitable accommodation and ambient environment. More challenging is finding them at affordable rates. Over the years, we have had numerous testimonies from customers that validates our mission which is to provide suitable accommodation with ambient environment that caters for customer needs be it business, leisure, or simply lifestyle needs such as weddings.

One of such testimonies narrated how BellaHomesNG Benin was just right for her wedding event. First it was large enough to accommodate her numerous guest. The property has different buildings from 5bedroom duplex to 2 and 3 bedroom flats as well as a single room. There was accommodation for everyone whilst having a home feel. It was like living in a mansion. Everyone could easily interact with each other as they would at home. In the evenings, they gathered around the play area, cracking jokes and simply having a good time. This helped in keeping the preparation and logistics very simple, stress free and effective.

Honeymoon- A time away from most, just for two!

The bridal shower took place in the compound at the large sitting room of the duplex. Gifts were stored in a room. No extra logistics. The traditional wedding took place right at the play area. It was decorated to suit the occasion. Being at the heart of the town, it was easy for guest to find their way to the venue. After the jolly traditional event, guest who could not get back home found comfortable accommodation. This even helped the church wedding which was the following day. Guest could attend with better organized logistics and it felt more like fun than the usual chaos that usually happens when guests come from all over. At the end, the guests checked out, while the couple remained in the 3 bedroom apartment, similar to their real house, and had 3 weeks of home-made honey moon. Constant power supply, attendants to get groceries when they didn’t want to go out for shopping, and a relaxing environment made it worthwhile. Plus they were able to explore the ancient city of Bennin, with its rich arts and culture, bronze works, and museum. Best of all it was ridiculously cost saving.

Delighted by these narratives, we at BellaHomes are commited to providing even more fascinating experience for our guests in our accommodations at Bennin and Lagos. Welcome!