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First time in Nigeria? Need to know!

Nigeria is such an interesting place. Regardless of the negative media, it continues to attract numerous travelers especially those on business travels, with over 2million international travelers passing through its airports in 2019. This presents a huge opportunity for visitors to experience one of Africa’s finest business, arts, culture and tourism center. Here are a few things that a first time traveler should / would experience.

Olumo Rock
This magnificent piece of nature continues to awe travelers. Once a fortress for the locals, it has become a destination for most travelers. Rock climbers and hikers will surely find this a very interesting site. Better still, it is not far from Lagos, the Nation’s economic capital. The travel experience to Olumo, makes ones stay even more interesting. The local market which is just by the rock displays one of Africa’s finest cloth making technologies – the tie and die.

Nigeria is such an interesting place. Regardless of the negative media, it continues to attract numerous travelers especially those on business travels

Ikogosi Warm Spring
Located in Kogi state, north central Nigeria, this spring is so popular that it became the raw material source for a table water. A warm spring that refreshes the soul. Its surrounds and breath taking landscape makes it a paradise to behold.

Zuma Rock.
One of the finest rocks in West Africa, the Zuma rock can be seen when approaching the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja by road from Lokoja. Located in Niger state, its magnificence, splendor and grandiose has earned it a place in the heart of tourist. Again, located close to Abuja, business travelers can indulge in nature whilst on business trip to the capital city.

Obudu Cattle Ranch.
Obudu cattle ranch is in the southern part of Nigeria, in Calabar to be precise. Obudu shares same borders and climate as the Mambilla plateau in Taraba state, which is the highest point in Nigeria. Its weather is mostly cold, and boasts of some species of flora and fauna that is peculiar to the temperate climates such as Sunflower and Tea. Its ranch is one of the best places to be. A perfect environment to unwind and simply enjoy nature and adventure.

Queen Elizabeth I of England Visiting Nigeria for the First Time!

Heard of Nigerian Jollof rice? It is a rice delicacy that is peculiar to Nigerians. Don’t think your tongue will forgive you if you don’t have a taste of it. Again, our sweet potatoes delicacy is a meal only tongues can tell.

If you are in Lagos, keep calm. You may experience what we call “ordered chaos”. Traffic jams, Lagos driving. In all these often times, no one gets hurt. It is the perfect definition of hustle and bustle. Nigerians are one of the most hospitable people in the world. However, stick to the business you came for, and thoroughly research any new businesses introduced to you. As they would say in local parlance, “shine your eyes”
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